During the period when Sony announced the PlayStation, the world of games has exploded. Until now considered one of the best game consoles, the PSX / PS1 has a huge library of games. If you were the owner of this legendary console, you may had a lot of fun in playing those games. Would not it be nice to be able to enjoy these great games again? Fortunately, you can. With our smartphones becoming more and more intelligent and powerful, you can now play these retro classic games on Android devices. This has been possible thanks to some fantastic PlayStation emulators from the Play Store. But with tons of emulators, which one do you choose? Do not worry, because we offer you our list of the 5 best PlayStation emulators for Android that you can use:

1. ePSXe:

Let’s start with the best PlayStation emulator available on the market. EPSXe. You may have heard of this name because ePSXe is the most famous and successful PlayStation emulator for PSX and PSOne games. It has a high compatibility of over 99%. The project has been implemented on Android devices with the same stability and functionality. The app also includes a fun option for 2 players with a split screen mode

In addition, although it includes a virtual touchpad, it now supports external game controllers such as Wiimote, Sixaxis, or the Xbox 360 controller. Although this is definitely the most popular option expensive, it is also the simplest and most reliable. You can download epsxe apk here.

2. FPSE:

Then on our list we have FPse, the biggest enemy of the ePSXe project. Unlike FPse, ePSXe is not so easy to use and has a steep learning curve. But once you understand how things work, you can see the true power of this emulator. Compared with ePSXe, FP can play at a higher resolution thanks to the advanced use of OpenGL technology. You can even extend all games to work in widescreen resolution, as the game supports it natively. In addition, the emulator supports virtual reality glasses such as Oculus Rift, GearVR, Google Cardboard, Homido, and more.

3. ClassicBoy:

ClassicBoy is one of the most famous emulators on the market, simply becauseit can emulate large number of system. The emulator currently supports PlayStation One / X, Nintendo64 two GameBoys and more. Yes, all this in one package. And it comes with many features. There are 8 scanning directions that can be detected on both sides of the screen and each can be assigned to a game button. In addition to the driver gesture, ClassicBoy also supports an accelerometer sensor that controls the movements of a character. As such, the user can play with most games using one hand. In addition, the emulator supports external controllers, allowing up to 4 players to connect to the device.

4. RetroArch:

RetroArch is one of the most promising emulators of PSX / PSOne. The open source emulator is based on the Libretto interface, which allows the application to use advanced features such as OpenGL, cross-platform compatibility with cameras, location compatibility and more. RetroArch is revealing an extremely reliable emulator, with an excellent user interface that is easy to use. It comes with the ability to reassign controls and use cheat codes. Unlike other existing applications, it also supports multiple languages. Also, RetroArch is a multiplatform emulator you need to download the “core” to run a ROM / game for that specific console. Finally, the application is constantly updated, which is always an advantage.

5. Matsu emulator:

Matsu Emulator is another multiplatform emulator, designed primarily for PSX / PSOne emulation. It is also one of the most powerful existing emulators and, despite its freedom, it is quite reliable. The application supports the usual tons of emulator functions. While the emulator works very well, the free version is full of numerous advertisements. You can choose to delete ads by purchasing the professional version in the game. That said, if I had to pay someone, I’d advise you to choose ePSXe or FPse emulators. In general, if you can support your ads, Matsu Emulator is a very stable and powerful PlayStation emulator.

Final words:

Here are the best Play Station emulators available in the market. Each one has unique features. Its better to try out all and find which is compatible for you. Happy gaming.